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Whether you’re a recreational athlete or a professional, attaining your peak performance is a critical goal. At Coral Gables Cardiology Associates in Coral Gables, Florida, the team offers state-of-the-art VO2 max assessments to measure your oxygen consumption. It’s a valuable metric when it comes to improving and tracking your performance. Speak to your physician to learn more about how VO2 max testing can help you attain your training goals.

VO2 Max Assessment Q & A

What is a VO2 max assessment?

A VO2 max assessment is a test that measures your oxygen consumption during exercise. The volume of oxygen you use is a valuable indicator of your overall cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. 

The purpose of the test is to look at fuel utilization during exercise in order to:

  • Measure peak cardio-respiratory fitness level (VO2 max);
  • Measure the heart rate at which the lactate or anaerobic threshold occurs;
  • Create heart rate training zones to meet specific fitness goals; and,
  • Access cardiac blood flow and function similarly to a stress test.

Why would I need a VO2 max assessment?

The team at Coral Gables Cardiology Associates uses VO2 max assessment to help evaluate your overall fitness and as a valuable metric to measure your progress. 

The VO2 max assessment can help you, your doctors, and coaches make decisions about the best exercises to incorporate into your training regimen. It can help you get past performance plateaus and customize your training.

The test can also be utilized as a part of a sports cardiology evaluation.  It can be particularly helpful in diagnosing heart disease if you are an athlete with exertional symptoms. This is especially useful in high performing athletes, where routine cardiac testing may be insufficient or inaccurate. 

It also helps your doctor create a treatment plan, including cardiac rehabilitation, to help you recover and improve your health. 

What happens during a VO2 max assessment?

On the day of the test, you should come to the office wearing
comfortable clothes and running shoes. Additionally, you should be fasting for at least 6 hours prior to the test. This includes no food, caffeine, or other stimulants (water is O.K.). You should refrain from exercise on the day of the test.

A VO2 max assessment usually takes around 20 minutes. You wear a mask over your nose and mouth that allows the team to measure the volume and gas concentration of the air you inhale and exhale. 

The doctor also attaches electrocardiogram electrodes to your chest during the test. They monitor your heart rate and activity, which provides a more accurate target heart rate range than using an estimate based on your age. 

When the test starts, you begin walking on a treadmill at a moderate intensity. After a minute or two, you increase the intensity slightly. You continue to increase your efforts every couple of minutes until you reach the maximum level that you can tolerate. 

The equipment measures your oxygen uptake, heart rate, and other respiratory factors throughout the test, calculating your VO2 max. 

What happens after the VO2 max test?

After your test, your doctor makes recommendations to adjust your training to improve your metrics and optimize your performance and health. 

Speak to your physician to learn more about the VO2 max testing offered at Coral Gables Cardiology Associates 


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VO2 Max

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