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There are times when you need to see a physician, but it’s either not convenient or not possible to be in the office. The team of physicians at Coral Gables Cardiology Associates in Coral Gables, Florida, provides telemedicine as an alternative to office visits. If you cannot make it to the office for your appointment, ask your physician about scheduling a telemedicine appointment, as an alternative.

Telemedicine Q & A

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine harnesses the power of modern communications technology, allowing you to connect with your physician from the privacy of your home. The team at Coral Gables Cardiology Associates offers telemedicine visits, so you can see your doctor at your convenience. 

When you make a telemedicine appointment, an office team member provides instructions on how to proceed with the encounter on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Other technologies, such as Facetime or a simple phone call may also be appropriate if permitted by your insurance company.

A few minutes before your scheduled appointment, you will receive a link on your device of choice by text message or email. After a few clicks, you and your doctor will be able to see each other and speak. Your doctor can observe your symptoms and let you know if an in-office appointment is necessary for testing or treatment. 

What services are included in telemedicine?

The team at Coral Gables Cardiology Associates can convert some office visits into telemedicine services. 

The team can provide some standard consultation and follow-up appointments via telemedicine. However, some appointments, such as those where a physical exam is needed, cannot be conducted by telemedicine.

Medication management

You can have telemedicine appointments to speak with your doctor about medication concerns or adjustments, as well as to discuss symptoms, side effects, or other concerns during your appointment, just like you would in the office.

Nutrition counseling

The team provides personalized nutrition counseling services to make lifestyle modifications. You can meet with the staff nutritionist via telemedicine to discuss your progress and discuss any necessary adjustments to your plan. 

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Telemedicine makes health care convenient and also reduces patient exposure during the pandemic. 

Telemedicine is also an excellent option if you don’t feel well or have a compromised immune system. You can stay in your home while still meeting with your doctor for essential health care, so long as testing is not necessary to diagnose or treat your condition. If tests are needed, an office visit will be arranged.

If you’re interested in a telemedicine visit, speak with your physician to schedule an appointment today. 


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